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Enjoy grass-fed, grain-finished, hormone and antibiotic-free beef to ensure quality, healthy meat for your family

Assorted Beef Box | Small

Assorted Beef Box | Small

Enjoy Eden Family Farm's small size box of assorted grass-fed, grain-finished beef to give you a nice variety of beef products for your next family outing.

Product Consists of:

6 | 1 lb. Packages of Ground Beef
1 | Package of Seasoned Beef Patties (4 Patties)
1 | Package of Seasoned, Oatmeal Beef Patties (4 Patties)
1 | Roast

$ 70.00 USD

Enjoy a smaller box assortment of beef products containing a variety of beef cuts, providing a range of options for meals and cooking. In your box you will find an assortment of beef products consisting of:

  1. Ground Beef: Ground beef is a versatile ingredient and commonly included in an assorted box. It can be used for making burgers, meatballs, tacos, pasta sauces, and more.
  2. Roast: You might find various types of beef roasts, such as chuck roast, sirloin tip roast, or bottom round roast. These are typically larger cuts that are suitable for slow cooking or roasting.
  3. Beef Patties: Pre-formed beef patties, which are convenient for making burgers quickly and easily.