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Seasoned Beef Patties

Seasoned Beef Patties

Eden Family Farm's seasoned beef patties are incredibly tasty and enjoyable. The seasoning enhances the flavor of the beef and adds depth to the overall taste of the patties.

Product Consists of:

1 | 1 ½ lb. Package Seasoned Beef Patties | 4-Patties

$ 9.75 USD

Seasoned beef patties refer to ground beef that has been mixed with various seasonings and ingredients to enhance its flavor. The specific seasonings we use are the traditional salt and pepper. Seasoned beef patties can be served as traditional burgers or enjoyed in various other dishes like sliders, meatloaf, or as a topping for salads. They offer a flavorful twist to standard ground beef, making them a versatile and tasty option for meals.