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Seasoned, Oatmeal Beef Patties

Seasoned, Oatmeal Beef Patties

Eden Family Farm's seasoned oatmeal beef patties are delicious and offer a unique twist on traditional beef patties! Oatmeal is used as a binder and filler in ground beef to create a more textured and nutritious patty.

Product Consists of:

1 | 1 ½ lb. Package Seasoned, Oatmeal Beef Patties | 4-Patties

$ 10.15 USD

Seasoned, oatmeal beef patties are a type of beef patty where ground beef is combined with oatmeal and various seasonings to create a flavorful and textured burger. The addition of oatmeal to the beef mixture can provide several benefits, such as moisture retention and added fiber. These seasoned, oatmeal beef patties can be enjoyed as traditional burgers, served on buns with your favorite toppings and condiments. They offer a unique twist with the addition of oatmeal, providing added texture and flavor to the patties.