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Ground Beef

Ground Beef

Enjoy Eden Family Farm's quality grass-fed, grain-finished ground beef in a variety of dishes, such as hamburgers, meatballs, tacos, chili, and pasta sauces.

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1 | 1 lb. Package Ground Beef

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Ground beef typically comes from various cuts of beef, including the primal cuts of the animal. These cuts can include the chuck, round, sirloin, and occasionally other parts like the brisket or short rib.

Chuck: The chuck is a primal cut that comes from the shoulder region of the animal. It is well-marbled and has a good balance of meat and fat, making it a popular choice for ground beef.

Round: The round is a leaner primal cut that comes from the rear leg of the animal. It has less fat content compared to the chuck and is often used for leaner ground beef options.

Sirloin: The sirloin is a versatile primal cut that comes from the rear portion of the animal, just behind the ribs. It has a balance of tenderness and flavor and is sometimes included in ground beef blends.

Other Cuts: Depending on the specific blend or purpose, ground beef may also include other cuts like brisket, short rib, or other trimmings from various parts of the animal. These cuts can add different flavors and textures to the ground beef.

Ground beef is made by grinding these cuts of beef through a meat grinder, resulting in the minced meat consistency that is commonly used in various recipes. The fat content of ground beef can vary based on the ratio of lean meat to fat used in the grinding process.